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Chamber app gives members easy access
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Liberty County Chamber of Commerce members now can use their smart phones to download an application that gives them access to a member directory, along with information for businesses that are most relevant to consumers.
“The chamber of commerce is historically found to fuel growth and to help local communities. There is an interesting correlation that has taken place,” Nancy Hammerman, director of content partnerships for MyChamberApp said. “The chamber of commerce world is beginning to understand that it’s not business as usual and they need to embrace technology.”
Since the app launched in August 2010, the LCCC is the first in the state to offer this program to chamber members free of charge, said Leah Poole, executive director of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce.
“Not just members can use this, [but] anyone who has a smart phone,” Poole said. “Only members of the chamber are listed on the app, which is really cool. The app can also be used in any city that has a chamber that has contracted to offer this app.”
The free mobile applications allow members to quickly access business information, discounts and other events that the chamber may be hosting, according to the MyChamberApp website.
The app may be downloaded on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry or Android. The standard package will allow members to see the chamber directory listings.
“This resonates with young professionals, and young entrepreneurs get it right away,” Hammerman said.
Hammerman thinks chamber members are starting to realize the value of utilizing and marketing the app since 70,000 business listings can now be found in the directory. Chamber members who own a business may also use the app for promotions and coupons to get consumers in the county to shop locally, she said.
“It is essentially the membership directory, but now you can feature events. You can feature hot deals,” she said.  “Let’s really put our money where our mouth is [is the mind set].”
Another hot-selling mark for chambers across the nation is the ability to move from one location to the next and open up the MyChamber App to locate chamber members’ businesses in that particular county. When your location moves, the app reloads to include your new location’s chamber.
“We’re all about making things easier and more fun,” Hammerman said. “The primary goal is to get consumers to shop local and drive more business to their chamber member business. And generate excitement and helping their local economy.”
The app has reached across the United States and into Canada, Hammerman said, which means more chambers and members are uniting through the app.
“This pulls together the network of chambers,” she said.  “It’s catching on very quickly.”
Poole agrees that members love the new app.
“Most chamber members who know about it think that it is a great application and service that the chamber can provide,” she said. “It definitely helps newcomers to our area find what they are looking for, not just retail establishments, but also utilities, real estate options, etc.”
Currently, chambers are charged $2.50 per member, per year and they must agree to a two-year contract. Members can anticipate a roll-out of more information based on advocacy, features and profiles pertaining to the chamber’s area, which will be added very soon, Hammerman said.
Prices are based on a tiered pricing system with price breaks depending on chamber size. For more information, go to

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