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Coastal Solar adds sales specialist
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Keith Freeman says he has been enamored with solar power since the 1970s while attending the University of Alabama.

A professor in environmental studies, Dr. Ed Passerini, sparked Freeman’s passion for solar, and his enthusiasm for the technology has never waned.

“I’m like a little kid every time I turn it on,” Freeman said. “I’m constantly amazed that we can power our homes and businesses from something as simple as sunlight.”

Freeman was recently hired as sales and communications specialist by Coastal Solar, based in Hinesville.

He said he believes almost everyone would love to use solar power, but that you lose 99 percent of them when you start talking about price. That’s been changing. He said that in recent years the price has dropped from about $8 per Watt down to less than $3.

That and federal tax credits are making solar power more practical.

Freeman sees “lots of potential” for solar in farming, which is one of Coastal Solar’s primary markets.

In 2002, Freeman helped found One World Sustainable to design, build and installs solar power systems.

He said he is now thrilled to be able to focus on his strengths — relationships and communication — with Coastal Solar, which he called financially strong, especially because of power purchase agreements with utilities, making solar attractive for larger commercial spaces.

He’s also found renewed inspiration from CEO Clay Sikes’ vision for the future about solar energy.

Speaking of Freeman, Sikes said he is “not only one of the most gifted and talented industry professionals, but (he’s) also one of the industry’s nicest persons.”

“Having Keith Freeman on board makes Coastal Solar a better business. His knowledge of the industry, his contacts and friends throughout the renewable energy world will no doubt be a strong plus for us.” Sikes said.

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