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Convenience store chain planning raises for employees
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Enmarket (formerly Enmark) has announced it will use more than $500,000 per year to increase the starting salaries of its employees.

The convenience store chain has also raised its senior manager earnings potential to a minimum of $55,000, with a profit sharing bonus.
“We want to offer the freshest experience for our customers, and we’re starting with how we better support our store-level team to lead the industry,” said Ryan Chandler, vice president of business development at Colonial Group, the parent company of enmarket.

“To get there, we have to set ourselves up to develop, retain and attract the best people. That’s precisely why we have established an industry-leading career path, compensation program and benefits structure. Training, development and recruiting are key priorities. At the same time, we will have industry leading responsibility and accountability.”

The company is based in Savannah and a news release said starting salaries will be above the national federal minimum wage rate of $7.25. The release did not say what it’s starting wage would be

“It’s more than a campaign; it’s our mission,” Chandler said. The campaign strives to foster the personal and professional growth of team members, who the company is calling chief enrichment officers, or CEOs.

Employment requirements for managers and senior general managers were also strengthened to attract candidates with higher levels of education, experience, proficiencies and management skills. The salary for a senior manager was increased to a midrange of $55,000 a year, while the mid-range of the average management salary rose to around $45,000.

Enmarket has more than 60 stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

“There’s so much happening to enrich the lives of our customers and employees,” said Matt Clements, director of marketing.

“Enmarket is recognized as a brand of friendly employees, fresh offerings and quality fuels. We’re now pleased to be leading the way again by making a substantial investment in the building the greatest retail team in the industry.”

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