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Food Lion may build on west side
A typical Food Lion store. - photo by Food Lion photo
Hinesville will eventually get another delectable taste of consumerism as a 15-acre parcel of land will be zoned and annexed by the city council to build a new Food Lion supermarket at 196 west and 15th Street.  
JDH Capital is heading up the development of the land, which will include the 35,000 sq. ft. supermarket along with a retail area, said planning and zoning specialist Gabriele Hartage.
Magnolia Oaks Village, the proposed 25,000 sq. ft. retail area, will feature a drug store, restaurants, a bank and other various shops and offices, according to LCPC Director Sonny Timmerman.
“The next step in this proposal will be receiving the specific site development plan, which upon review can go up for approval,” Timmerman said.
The only initial discrepancy in the proposal was that the council had to get the zoning in line in order to properly annex the region, Hinesville Mayor Thomas Ratcliffe said.
In other news, the council approved the funding for three new cameras ($4,000 a piece) to be placed in patrol cars to provide an accurate record of routine stops.
“These cameras not only help us during traffic stops but they also aid in the training of new police officers,” Hinesville Police Chief George Stagmeier said. “Essentially, these cameras will replace the old ones in a few of our cruisers and they will provide a better picture, especially in lower light conditions.”
The fire department will receive $9,000 of funding to purchase a thermal imaging camera, which allows fire fighters to see through the smoke to detect changes in temperature, Fire Chief Lamar Cook said.
“These cameras greatly increase our ability to find downed firefighters, as well as trapped victims and it allows us to see where the fire Is located especially when it is burning within the walls of a house or building,” he noted.
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