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Cameras installed to enforce speed in school zones
school zone sign

The Liberty County Sheriff ’s Office recently partnered with RedSpeed USA to implement a program for automated speed enforcement in school zones. RedSpeed USA, an Illinois-based provider of automated photo enforcement devices, has partnered with over 40 law enforcement jurisdictions in the state of Georgia to date.

Sheriff William Bowman says the cameras are used to increase safety in our school zones by slowing traffic. The sheriff says warning tickets will be issued for the first 30 days, and citations will be issued beginning Feb. 14, 2022. This will give drivers time to adjust to the new system. The cameras will remain active throughout the school day, and until one hour after the final school bell.

The first cameras have been installed in the Taylor’s Creek Elementary school zone, and signage has been posted to alert motorists of the cameras, giving them the opportunity to correct their speed before entering the enforcement zone.

Drivers will not be issued a ticket until they are going at least 10 mph over the posted speed limit. An LCSO deputy will review each violation before a citation is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. The citation information will include a picture of the vehicle, tag, and the speed the vehicle was traveling.

The ticket is a civil fine and will not add any points to the registered owner’s driver’s license or affect insurance rates.

The citation will be issued to the registered owner of the motor vehicle. The citation notification will have a link included where the operator can view video of the violation and a photo of their license plate. The fine for a first offense is $75, plus a $25 processing fee. Any subsequent offenses will carry a fine of $125, plus a $25 processing fee. Motorists will pay the fine online and can request to have their case heard before a judge.

LCSO is looking at expanding to other school zones in the county.

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