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Chemtall to pay $35K for water spill
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SNF Chemtall has agreed to pay a $35,000 settlement because of a 70,000-gallon water spillage in March. The spill was found to contain about 80 pounds of acrylamide.
The acrylamide apparently killed a small number of small fish at the wastewater outfall in Riceboro Creek, according to the Environmental Protection Division.
EPD said the monetary settlement of $35,000 is “relatively large,” The division takes into consideration a number of factors when proposing settlements, in this case noting Chemtall had another accidental spill relatively recently.
SNF Chemtall chief David Kay said, “We will not comment on the amount. We agreed to it.”
The EPD order cites the acrylamide spill, the fish kill and failure to report by Chemtall. Acrylamide is on a list of chemicals any spillage of which must be reported “immediately.” Kay said “We reported it as soon as we knew about it — the same day.”
Both EPD and Chemtall say 80 pounds is a very small amount of acrylamide.
In addition to the monetary payment, Chemtall agreed to corrective actions including employee training, engineering plans and operating procedures and revision of its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit for monitoring Riceboro Creek.
Some of the corrective actions have already been completed.
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