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Cyclist hit by Deputy
HPD Blotters
Crime scene tape

A cyclist was accidentally struck by a Long County Deputy the morning of Jan. 26, on Georgia Highway 84 near the Georgia Department of Transportation Scales according to Long County Sheriff Craig Nobles.

The accident occurred around 5 a.m. According to Nobles, the man was transported to Memorial Health University Medical Center by ambulance with injuries to his legs. Nobles said the accident remains under investigation. 

HPD Blotters

Forgery, first degree 

A woman got her nails done at Nail Trix and attempted to pay using a counterfeit $100 bill. The owner said he used a marker to check the currency and found it to be counterfeit. The woman told the officer that it was a real bill, not fake but the owner wouldn’t accept it. The officer asked to see the bill. The officer reported that the bill had the words, “in props we trust,” on the back of the bill and printing on the front that read, “for motion picture purposes.” The owner told the officer he didn’t want that woman to come back to his business She was banned from the store for 10 years. 

Lost property 

A woman was extremely fortunate after someone brought her wallet to the Hinesville Police Department with all the contents still inside. The woman had called and met with an officer to report that she lost her wallet somewhere in the parking lot of Oglethorpe Square Shopping Center near Barberitos. She said her wallet had her Texas driver’s license a debit card her military ID and two keys to her barracks room. The officer reported that while completing his report someone brought in the wallet to the station with all the items inside.

Lost property

 A man was not so fortunate after losing his wallet in the parking lot of the Walmart Super Center. He lost

$40 in cash, his military ID, Georgia driver’s license a boat license and three credit cards.

Criminal trespass 

An HPD officer was on routine patrol near Baldino’s Giant Jersey subs when he heard a strange noise. He saw a man standing outside of Baldino’s who appeared to be tearing down a sign. As the officer approached, he asked the man if he was okay. The officer said the man asked for a ride home. The officer reported the man appeared intoxicated, had slurred speech, had difficulty standing and had alcohol on his breath. The officer said the man was asked repeatedly for his name and when he finally replied he said his name was, “Alexander Butthole.” The man was placed under arrest and taken to jail.

Theft by taking 

A man reported that he was living with his girlfriend at a home on Kelly Drive. He said the girlfriend decided to end the relationship and moved out. He said she took his cell phone, transferred $1,000 from his cash app account to her account and removed the SIM card from his cell phone rendering it useless. The man realized what happened after he was able to retrieve his cell phone but found he had no service. He said when he returned home, he found that his dog and the dog’s crate were missing from his house.


Police met a man at Liberty Regional Medical Center who was getting his eye checked after he got hit with something in the face. The man said he went to his previous home on Forest Lake Drive to check to see if there was any mail still delivered to his old address. The man said he placed his car near the mailbox, remained in his car and reached his hand into the mailbox to retrieve the mail. While doing so he said something hit him in the left eye. He said he was alone, and no one was around but he found a Nerf dart in his car and he didn’t know where it came from. He left and drove to the hospital to have his eye checked. The doctor called

police so he could file a report.

Vicious animal 

Two dogs were taken to animal control after they attacked a neighbor’s dog and bit the complainant’s daughter. The complainant said she had just opened her front door and two loose dogs ran into her house and attacked her dog. She said her daughter was bitten when she attempted to separate the dogs from their family dog.

She managed to get the dogs out of the house, and they ran out into the neighborhood. As the officer spoke with the complainant, he heard a neighbor yelling that the dogs were in his yard. The officer managed to get the dogs into his patrol car. While doing so another neighbor came running to him saying those were her dogs. She said her son accidentally left the gate open while placing in his dirt bike in the back yard. Because the dos had attacked another dog and person the dogs had to be taken to animal control per procedure. The woman was cited for the loose dogs and given information on court and how to retrieve her dogs.

-Patty Leon


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