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Democratic candidate visits Liberty County
martin arrives 2
Surrounded by local officials, Democratic senatorial candidate Jim Martin is greeted by Renea Camper Saturday at the Liberty County Democratic headquarters. - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
Through periodic breaks in cheers and applause, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Martin explained his views on the economy, healthcare and caring for the nation’s veterans at the Liberty County Democratic headquarters Saturday as part of his America is Back tour.
“It was a close race Nov. 4, and your votes made a difference and will make a difference on Dec. 2,” Martin said.
He said he was glad to be in Liberty County with its history of America’s early patriots, who “stood up for the rights of men and women.”
“I know that the secret of the improvement of our economy is taking care of middle-class people, and there hasn’t been anybody in Washington standing up for us on this discussion,” Martin said.
He thought the hotly debated $700 billion bailout was bandaging a problem caused by “Saxby economics,” and poor regulation.
“The idea that you give money to the rich people and they’re going to somehow take care of our economy and fix it, that idea doesn’t work,” Martin said. “They had eight years to prove that that would work and it’s been a disaster.”
State Rep. Al Williams boasted of turning Georgia, a traditionally-Republican state, pink with an almost equal mix of blue Democrat and red Republican support.
“The key now is to get that turnout back,” he said.
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