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Dog burned in Hinesville now healing
Despite hot grease burns, dog gives birth
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An area animal rescue group is taking care of a dog that had been burned with hot grease and was found about two weeks ago wandering around Burger King on E.G. Miles Parkway.
Sheryl Barton, with Carpathia Paws Animal Rescue, said the group of ladies who form Carpathia Paws is keeping Lizzy as she recovers from her injuries. After she was rescued, the dog gave birth to nine puppies.
“Lizzy was found at the Burger King by an animal control officer, and when he picked her up, he felt that she was going to give birth immediately,” Barton said. “They discovered that she had been damaged with grease — hot grease of some sort.”
The grease had been splattered on Lizzy’s back and snout and, Barton said, “the skin has completely come off and she will scar.”
Carpathia Paws members said they are outraged that someone harmed a pet.
“We don’t know who did it and we could go around and ask and offend a lot of people. If somebody were to say, ‘Yeah, I did it,’ then yeah, there would be penalties, but where do you start? We need stronger laws. We need stronger enforcement. We need enough manpower to investigate. We need a lot and, in order to get that changed, people need to see this kind of damage,” Barton said. “The person who did this to the dog and left her there to suffer is not a very nice person. The person who lets a dog run stray, pregnant, is not a very nice person. The mother of those pups needs nutrition, not to be digging in the garbage to eat.”
Carpathia Paws works with a rescue organization in the Northeast to place pets in new homes. The members said Lizzy and her puppies will be relocated there once she has healed and the pups are weaned

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