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Adult volunteers explain how math applies to them
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Alfred Williams explains to Taylors Creek Elementary School students how math helps him with his study of Egyptology. - photo by Photo by Emily Peterson
Taylors Creek Elementary students now know they'll need to understand math if they want to grasp the building techniques used to construct the ancient pyramids in Egypt.
That bit of knowledge and more everyday and professional applications for mathematics were explained to the students at the school's first ever Math Career Day on Friday.
Adults volunteered to show the students how they use math in their everyday lives and at work. Students from all grade levels visited the various presentations that were given.
Alfred Williams, who studies Egyptology, (ancient history, art, religion, language, literature, ethics and economics of that African country) demonstrated how math makes it possible to read an excavation grid.
He brought with him a model showing where parts of an old house had been. Using the numbers on the grid, he showed the children where the numbered grid squares would be on the model and how to locate items within the squares.
"My job is to remember about everything that happened a long time ago, even before your grandparents were born. This grid helps me do that," Williams said.
He also brought "A Statue of Math" sheet with mathematical information about the great pyramid: the base of the pyramid covered 13 acres and the original height was 481 feet.
Assistant Principal Kathy Moody was pleased with the volunteers and the presentations they had for the children.
"Lots of the presenters are using good, accountable math vocabulary," Moody said.
Some of the other presentations demonstrated math skills by using measuring cups for baking, measuring an area to determine how much sod would need to be used in a yard, how to read a scale and be able to balance it, and how to read the numbers on a blood pressure monitor.
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