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Breakfast of superheroes
Schools marking National School Breakfast Week
Waldo Pafford 1
Hinesville Mayor James Thomas Jr. signs a proclamation at Waldo Pafford Elementary School as school counselor Dr. Deloris Mitchell and cafeteria manager Marie Lehigh watch. - photo by Photo provided.
Liberty County School children are a lot like superheroes, both need a lot of strength to meet the challenges they face every day.
A nutritious and healthy school breakfast gives students the energy to overcome barriers and succeed academically each day. This year, the Liberty County School System is teaming up with some special superheroes for the “Power Up With School Breakfast!” campaign.
During National School Breakfast Week, students will join the Breakfast Heroes –– Mr. Breakfast, Crunch, Fruit Avenger, Yogurl, Susie Powers, the Sandwich Sensei and their trusty sidekick Eggbot –– on a morning adventure as they join together to rescue hungry children from the plague of the Breakfast Skipper. From March 2-6, we will have activities in our cafeterias during breakfast that include dressing up like your superhero, serving breakfast to our children by guest heroes –– our principals, assistant principals and other staff, writing projects and decorating contests.  
Throughout the week, students will learn about the health and academic benefits of starting their day with a balanced school breakfast as they are greeted in the cafeterias. Our breakfasts provide 25 percent of the recommended daily allowance of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C and calories to meet the dietary guidelines for Americans.  Research has shown that children who eat breakfast at school:
• Score better in standardized tests,
• Have fewer health issues, and
• Have fewer discipline problems.
Furthermore, research indicates that children who skip breakfast rarely make up for missed nutrients later in the day. So skipping breakfast could also affect students’ performance in after-school activities.  
All school meals are served in age-appropriate portions and schools have many different serving techniques –– from Breakfast in the Classroom, which is in the pilot stages at Frank Long Elementary fifth grade classes, to a variety of breakfast choices for our middle and high school students, to a full service meal for all of our elementary children.
School breakfast today includes whole grains found in cereals, cereal bars and bagels, as well as fruit and low-fat dairy including milk and yogurt. The school breakfast program has been in place for about 40 years and today more than 10 million children eat school breakfast every day.  In Liberty County schools, more than 6,500 of our children are eating breakfast.  
The Liberty County schools welcomed three of our mayors into our cafeterias on Feb. 20, during breakfast for the National School Breakfast Week proclamation signing.
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