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JBE students split among six schools
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Streets affected by the rezoning in alphabetical order:

Apache Alley — LHE
Abbey (Appy) Rd. — BGE
Ashmore Rd. — JME
Ashwood Dr. —BGE
Aspen Ct. — FLE
Bacon Rd. — BGE
Bell Ct. —JME
Berkshire Ter. — FLE
Brett Dr. —FLE
Bridlepath Ct. — LHE
Caines Rd. — JME
Canal St. — JME
Chaparral Cir. — LHE
Cherokee Cir. — FLE
Cherrie Murrell Rd. — FLE
Chinook Way — LHE
Clay St. — JME
Cobra Cir. — LHE
Community Rd. — FLE
Davidson St. — JME
Deal St. — JME
Deen St. — JME
Deerwood Ct. — LHE
Deerwood Dr. — TCE
Deerwood Pass — TCE
Deerwood Way — LHE
Desert Shield St. — LHE
Desert Storm Dr. — LHE
Dhurahn Dr. — LHE
Dykes St. — JME
Eagan Rd. — JME
Elaine St. — BGE
Eunice Rd. — FLE
Fabian Rd. — FLE
Farr Ct. — LHE
First St. — JME
Fleming Rd. —BGE
Florence St. — JME
Fox Haven Ct. — LHE
Freedom Ct. — FLE
Garden Cir. — FLE
Gilbert St. — FLE
Glenn Bryant Road (100s) — LHE
Glenn Bryant (200s) — TCE
Greenbriar Ct. — FLE
Greenbriar Rd. — FLE
Greenbriar Trl. — FLE
Groover Ct. — BGE
Hearn Rd. — BGE
Hill Toppers Ct. — LHE
Honeycreek Ln. — BGE
Honey Ridge Ln. — BGE
Hunters Run Rd. — LHE
Jubail Dr. — LHE
Kadi Dr. — BGE
Lee Rd. — BGE
Lesa St. — BGE
Liberty Manor Ct. — FLE
Link St. — FLE
Livingstone Ct. — BGE
Lori Ln. — JME
MacArthur St. — FLE
Mahoney Rd. — BGE
Maxwell St. — JME
McDowell Rd. —BGE
Parker Dr. — JME
Phantom Ter. — LHE
Pinafore Ln. — JME
Pineneedle Ct. — FLE
Pixie Ln. — JME
Pointe South Dr. — FLE
Ralph Quarterman Dr. — FLE
Ridgeland Dr. — BGE
Riyadh Rd. — LHE
Robin Rd. — JME
School House Rd. — JME
Second St. — JME
Sharon St. — BGE
Smiley St. — JME
S. Main St. – 650 (S. Haven Trl. Pk.) — FLE
S. Main St. – 727 (Woodwind S) — FLE
S. Main St. – 740 (Liberty Woods) — FLE
S. Main St. – 939 (Wedgewood Apts.) — FLE
S. Main St. — FLE
Strickland Rd. —BGE
Star Ct. — LHE
Stealth St. — LHE
Surrey Rd. — JME
Sweetbriar Ct. — BGE
Tomahawk Trl. — LHE
Tomcat Trl. — LHE
Varnedoe St. —BGE
Walden Rd. — BGE
Wedgewood Way — FLE
Westmoreland Dr. — FLE
Westridge Ct. —BGE
Young Ln. — JME

LHE = Lyman Hall Elementary, BGE = Button Gwinnett Elementary, WPE = Waldo Pafford Elementary, TCE = Taylors Creek Elementary, JME= Joseph Martin Elementary, FLE = Frank Long Elementary

After Jordye Bacon Elementary School students say goodbye to their campus the end of this academic year, those not moving on to middle school will be split among six of the remaining Liberty County elementary schools next August.
The Liberty County Board of Education on Tuesday approved a new student-zoning plan that reallocates students to every school except for Liberty Elementary.
Deputy Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Conley presented the plan before the board Tuesday and offered some feedback received during an Oct. 18 parent meeting held at the school, which will discontinue elementary operations this year.
“For the most part, everyone seems very happy and very supportive. No one wants to leave Jordye Bacon; however, they understand that we have to make changes,” Conley said.
Comments overheard at the meeting did include one upset parent, some who thought the new zones meant that their children would attend schools closer to home and some who said it was good to know far enough in advance that they could move if needed, she said.
Because the enrollment numbers must stay within each school’s capacity, and the number of students who reside on each street varies, Conley said the task was handled each street at a time. Where possible, they tried to use existing boundaries, such as railroad tracks and main arteries.
They also made adjustments for rising sixth-graders and pre-schoolers, though Conley said the projections for incoming kindergarteners are not complete because they only account for current Pre-K Center students.
Some pockets, such as Northgate and Mission Ridge apartments, also were cleaned up. Previously, students in those complexes did not attend Waldo Pafford Elementary School despite being surrounded by the WPE zone.
With the student zoning approved, Conley said the next step is to determine where current JBE teachers and staff will be placed.

BoE handles capital matters
The Liberty County Board of Education also approved the following Tuesday:
• A $120,336 bid from Griffin Contracting for Bradwell Institute paving maintenance
• A deductive change order and closeout for the Bradwell Phase IV, Step 2 interior renovations; the final price was $13,382,074 — $517,926 less than the initial guaranteed-maximum price
• Closeout of and additive change orders for the Liberty County High School Highway 84 entrance and parking improvements, with a total project cost of $293,064. That project was up $34,841 for its initial guaranteed-maximum price.

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