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Students, families design colorful turkeys
web turkey project
Students in Machael Fields and Sharon Duvals classes at Waldo Pafford Elementary created turkeys using patterns and help from their families. - photo by Photo provided.

For the sixth consecutive year, Waldo Pafford Elementary School fourth-graders and Tonja John’s students participated in a turkey project with their families.
Students brought home blank turkey patterns and were challenged to decorate them using creativity and family participation.
Principal Dr. Sonia Bacon and the teachers were impressed with the results and decided to share the turkeys with the community.
“This is the first year that the turkeys have been displayed outside of the school,” fourth-grade team leader Nicole Carter said. “Our community partners at Buffalo’s, Chili’s and The Heritage Bank Main Branch agreed and were excited to display the turkeys in their establishments through Thanksgiving.”
Residents seemed to enjoy the creative decorations.
“The turkeys were a great hit,” according to the management at Buffalo’s. “Many patrons commented and even voted for their favorite.” 
The project was started to encourage students and their families to work together in a fun way. It was especially significant this year because the project mirrored the ideas that are being taught through the county’s newly adopted “I-Care” parental-involvement program.

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