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Fort Stewart gate access changing
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Sundat was the last day for the old vehicle registration system at Fort Stewart and Hunter.
On Monday, the military will implement a policy in which drivers of vehicles without official Department of Defense decals will pull up to any gate, show valid photo ID, and be allowed to drive on post (unless their name is on the list of persons barred from Fort Stewart.)
Photo ID will also be required of all passengers, 16 years old and older.
The new procedure is a streamlining of the method in which undecaled vehicles parked outside the Main Gate and the drivers went to the nearby Vehicle Registration Building where they showed their drivers license, proof of insurance and state vehicle registration form to obtain one of the blue paper passes, usually good for only one day. Although Fort Stewart may no longer check them, these three documents are still required to operate a vehicle in Georgia.
Fort Stewart gates and their schedules
Gate 1 (Main Gate): 24 hours, daily
Gate 2 (Troop Gate): 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Gate 3 (Harmon Ave): 5 a.m. to midnight
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