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HPD Blotter Feb. 3, 2021

Theft by taking

A woman reported that a black male wearing a red hoodie and black pants, took a package from her front doorstep. The woman said she had ordered essential oils and when she tracked the packaged she realized it had already been delivered to her home. She told police she checked her doorbell video and discovered a clip that showed the male running up to her front doorstep, taking her package and running off with it under his arms. The woman gave a copy of the video to police. She also reported that she posted the video clip to the Griffin Park Facebook page. A neighbor said that another male, shown in the video walking next to the male in the red hoodie, looks like one of the men who lives in the neighborhood and gave his name to police for a follow up.

Entering Auto

A man reported that he had left his car unlocked and parked at a location on Hollywood Drive overnight. When he got to the car, he realized someone had stolen his wallet which was under the center console. The wallet contained his driver’s license and several debit and credit cards. Someone also took his Samsung Cell phone and a government issued cell phone. The complainant said they cleaned out his accounts to the amount of $1,629.99.

Missing person

A woman reported her mother was missing. She told officers that she speaks to her mother at least once a month but the last time they spoke was Nov. 25, 2020. She said she tried calling her mother in December but found the phone number had been disconnected. The woman requested police do a welfare check at her mother’s home in Hinesville. Officers found the home empty and a neighbor told the officer the lady who lived at the home had moved into a nursing facility, but she didn’t know which one. 

Disorderly conduct

A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had come to her house extremely late in the evening and began to yell and argue with her and called her names. She asked her ex-boyfriend to leave but he refused so, she called the police. The officer asked if the ex-boyfriend lived at the house and the woman said that he had a few belongings at the house but only stayed sporadically for a night or two.

Harassing communication

A woman reported that she has been separated from her husband since July but the continues to call her and harass and calls her names. The woman said she blocked her husband from all her social media accounts but on rare occasion she needs to speak with him because they have a son together. The woman said she went to pick up her son from her husband’s home and the boy appeared to be sick. She sent a text to her husband asking about the boy’s illness and that made her husband angry. The husband replied that the boys was already sick when she had dropped him off which the woman said was untrue. The husband then blamed the wife for placing something in the boy’s food to make it appear that he had caused the boy’s illness. The man took it one step further saying he was going to test the food and kill everyone who may have tampered with it. The woman showed the text messages to the officer and she was advised on how to take out a temporary protective order.

Simple assault

Police were called to a home on Cherokee Circle where a woman reported that her brother-in-law was being belligerent and hitting family members in the house. The woman said she thinks he was behaving in this manner because he wanted specific drugs that were not prescribed to him and the family members could not obtain. Another woman in the house said she was struck in the face and showed police the scratches on her face and neck. Another male in the house said he had a coffee mug thrown at him. The family was advised on how to evict the belligerent brother-in-law from the house and get a temporary Protective Order.

Theft by extortion

 A woman reported that her ex-husband threatened to release nude photos of her unless she signed over the car in his name. Police attempted to contact the ex-husband but they were not unable to get a hold of him.

-Patty Leon

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