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Kilgore makes LCSO patrol division history
Jessy Kilgore
Lt. Corey Nadeau, Sgt. Jessy Kilgore and Maj. Jerry Blash at Kilgore’s promotion ceremony May 20. Photo by Justin Hall

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office held a promotion ceremony for Deputy Jessy Kilgore of the K-9 Unit on Friday, May 20.

Kilgore was promoted to sergeant and patrol supervisor, making her the first female deputy in the history of the LCSO to receive that honor.

There have been many female detective supervisors as well as division supervisors, but never a female patrol one.

Kilgore has been with the sheriff’s office for three years. She’s a deputy that doesn’t like to waste any kind of opportunity that comes her way.

“I look for any type of advancement in my career that I can,” Kilgore said. “I believe that being a sergeant will give me access to even more knowledge as well as being able to show different types of leadership skills and being able to problem solve and critical thinking.”

Kilgore has always had a passion for law enforcement and that all stems back to her love of helping others.

“I’ve always really been in a type of position to help people,” said Kilgore. “I come from more of a medical background, but I thought I didn’t really want to go into anything further medically. I just wanted to get out there and be out in the community every day.” Kilgore plans to take her new position in stride, but she does have hopes that there are other leadership possibilities available in the future.

Major Jerry Blash of the Bureau of Police Services was on hand for the ceremony and was extremely proud of her achievement.

“She’s been a leader,” said Major Blash. “She takes charge of situations and I’ve seen her handle herself very well. She knows the law and she knows procedure and the guys very much show her respect.”

Lieutenant Corey Nadeau of the K-9 Unit was also there in support and also spoke very highly of Kilgore.

Nadeau spoke of his working relationship with Kilgore as being a very good one.

“She’s a hardworking deputy,” said Lt. Nadeau. “She utilizes our dogs proficiently and efficiently. She’s 100% reliable. I can call her in the middle of the night and she will wake up and spring into action.”

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