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Liberty 4-H’ers evaluate soil at state land judging contest
4-H land judging team.JPG
Liberty 4-H'ers placed well in a land judging contest in Perry.

Liberty County 4-H members have always done well at the state-wide 4-H Land Judging Competition, and 11 youth members continued the tradition last week.  As part of the state-wide 4-H contest held in Perry, 4-H members from Liberty County evaluated four different soil stations, one representing North Georgia and three representing South Georgia.  They determined topsoil texture, topsoil thickness, effective depth, permeability, land slope, drainage, and erosion rates.  Based on that information, the contestants then make vegetative, mechanical, and fertilizer recommendations.  The State 4-H Land Judging Contest was held Aug. 25 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.    

“Soil is vital for our existence,” Kasey Bozeman, County 4-H Agent and team coach said.  “Through this 4-H contest, youth have the opportunity to learn to evaluate soils and make recommendations for the future.”  

Bozeman also cited evidence that fewer youth live on farms, so they may not have a direct connection to using land for pastures or growing crops.  However, she was quick to point out that the knowledge and life skills gained through 4-H land judging are invaluable.  

“We get dirty, have fun, and learn how important land and soil is to our lives. Not only do youth learn this valuable content, they are also learning life skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving.”

Liberty County 4-H’s Junior team (4th-8th grade students) placed first at the contest.  Junior team members were: Kyra Burmeister, Christian Cahoon, Julian Dates, Kye Lachowsky, Makayla Nash, Dallas Spencer, Lily Stamps, and Brooklyn Wilkins.  

Makayla Nash was the highest junior scorer in the entire competition.

The Senior Team (9th-12th grade students) earned second place honors.  Senior team members were Nadia Crowley, Kelly Lachowsky, and Jonathan Woolf.

Addison James, 4-H volunteer and former Liberty County 4-H land judging team member, helped chaperone the contest.  Special thanks are conveyed to Dr. Glen Harris, UGA Soil Science Specialist, and the Farm Credit Associations of Georgia for their sponsorship of the contest. 

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