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A message from the Courier general manager

Dear Liberty and Long County residents,

 With the mandatory evacuation starting Saturday morning, the Coastal Courier will be printing and delivering the Sunday Courier early Saturday morning prior to the evacuation.

The only exception will be the coastal areas of the county placed under mandatory evacuation yesterday. We have every intention of publishing Wednesday’s edition, but delivery may be delayed due to potential damage to the area. Because we here at the Courier are most concerned with the safety of our residents and want to keep them informed, we will not be placing any storm related information behind our paywall, and the E-Edition of Sunday and Wednesday will be available on our website at no charge this week. We will be posting regularly on our website and social media channels as long as we have power and internet. Several reporters and I will be in the area to report on the storm and can be reached through Facebook, or feel free to email me directly at with any concerns we may be able to assist you with.  We urge everyone to take necessary precautions before during and after the storm moves through our area.

 Godspeed to all,

 Kathryn Fox

General Manager

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