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Called meeting not held
Hinesville City Hall

People expecting to learn more about city government controversies in Hinesville at a June 28 called city council meeting were disappointed. There was no information available and, in fact, there was no meeting.

An ad placed by Hinesville City Hall for publication the Coastal Courier announced the called meeting at 2 p.m. June 28.

When 2 p.m. came Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown was present in the council room, Councilman Jason Floyd was at his desk and Mayor Pro Tempore Kenneth Shaw was talking with the small group of citizens and officials who were present.

City Clerk Sarah Lumpkin was seated at her usual place. Two reporters were in the small audience. But the call to order never came.

Brown told those present he knew little about the calling or the canceling of the session but that he understood that there would be no meeting. With Hinesville City Manager Billy Edwards just returned from an unexplained two-week suspension, there was some speculation that the meeting might have to something to do with Edwards.

The next regular meeting of the council is set for 3 p.m. Thursday July 6.

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