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Watch for military vehicles on highways
Fort Stewart heavy vehicles

Military vehicles from the 3rd Infantry Division will convoy from Hunter Army Airfield to Fort Stewart late Thursday.

The convoy is expected to include eight vehicles, including Heavy Equipment Transports loaded with tanks. The convoy will travel along Interstate 516, I-16 West, I-95 South and westbound Highway 144 to Fort Stewart. A police escort with flashing blue emergency lights will accompany the convoy. All military vehicles will have flashing amber warning lights.

Bridges and other portions of the route may be closed in a rolling road block to allow the convoy to drive at very low speeds. Police will close bridges to allow the Heavy Equipment Transports to cross slowly and individually. Once the convoy has cleared a bridge, police will reopen it.

While on less-restricted portions of the highways, the convoy will travel at interstate-minimum speeds and stay in the right-most lanes when possible. Motorists are advised to approach and pass the convoy with caution at all times.

This will be the second time in seven months that Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield and the 3rd ID have moved heavy equipment on local highways. Doing so validates the installation and division's power-projection capabilities, according to a Fort Stewart news release.


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