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Long County residents to begin using E-911 addresses
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According to Long County Commissioner Mike McGowan, all Long County residents should begin using their new E-911 address if they haven’t already done so.

To get addresses up to date, McGowan said county residents need to contact any local person or business that will send them correspondence in the mail.

In addition to this, residents need to begin changing the address on their mailboxes and on their homes.

All addresses have been changed from rural routes to actual street addresses, with each of the new addresses being designated by a quadrant in the county.

Using the traffic light in Ludowici, each area of the county was designated as one of the following: north-east, north-west, south-east or south-west.

The Long County street addressing system was updated and changed in correlation with the new E-911 plan for the county. Its aim is to aid emergency services such as fire, ambulance and law enforcement in locating a person’s residence in a timely manner during an emergency.

Though each person will have a new mailing address, their city and zip code will remain the same.

In order to identify each residence or business, reflective numbers should be at least 3 inches tall and placed on each mailbox. Once attached, the address should be viewable on each side of the mailbox.

In addition to this, the same size numbers should be placed in the front of the home — preferably on a post in the front yard — so that the address can be seen from the roadway.



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