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Man who killed mother sentenced to life

Nicholas Bacon was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 30 years, for murdering his mother Montez Bacon in March 2017.

Bacon was sentenced in Liberty Count Superior Court on May 8. His trial was held in March of this year. The jury found him guilty in less than 40 minutes.

Bacon and his mother were in her car March 3, 2017 heading back from a trip they took to Savannah when an altercation between the two caused Montez Bacon to pull over on the shoulder of Abercorn Street and get out of the car.

Savannah police responded to a call, dispatched as a domestic dispute and found Bacon still seated in the rear passenger seat. His mother was standing outside the vehicle. After calming the situation Savannah police told Montez Bacon to driver her son back home to Liberty County. Montez Bacon called Bacon’s brother, Andrew Smith and let him know they’ve been arguing.

During the trial Smith told the jury he said he would try and meet up with her and did in fact see her car on Leroy Coffer Highway as it veered into a structure adjacent to the Short Stop convenience store. He  said he saw his brother exit the back seat and start walking away.

According to testimony and police reports Montez Bacon was found with gunshot wound to her right shoulder.

Bacon testified that he didn’t have a disagreement with his mom on Highway 204 and didn’t know why she had called 911.

He said he was rummaging through his book bag and carried a gun on his right leg. He said took the gun out of the holster and then the vehicle made a swift left turn and his hand accidentally discharged the gun.

He testified he assumed the safety was on. Upon cross examination Bacon said he didn’t help his mother because he was in shock.

At his sentencing his defender Allison Lane as well as the case forensic psychologist said Bacon was mentally ill and previously diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Judge Cheney agreed adding that he hoped that advancements in medicine would allow Bacon to get proper help.



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