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3rd ID to celebrate 90th birthday Nov. 21
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On Nov. 21, the U.S. Army’s Third Infantry Division celebrates its 90th birthday and service to America, dating back to World War I when it’s “Dog Face Soldiers” first blocked German troops from entering Paris and earned them the nickname, “The Rock of the Marne.”
From that day forward, the Third Infantry Division was on the frontline of every campaign over the next nine decades.
• In World War II, 3rd ID crisscrossed Europe and Africa pushing back Nazi offensives.
• In Korea, they protected Seoul from the Chinese Army.
• Throughout the Cold War, their presence was felt; in Western Europe.
• In the Balkans, 3 ID deployed to maintain security in Bosnia and Kosovo.
• During the Persian Gulf War, the proud Soldiers of the Third Infantry Division helped liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation in 1991
• And currently, back in Iraq for their third tour of duty, under Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 ID is helping protect and support the Iraqi people build toward a country, free from terrorism and extremist ideology.
This birthday may not mean much to the general public. But it means a great deal to the men and women of the Third Infantry Division. A soldier defines his identity by his unit; those other men and women he serves beside everyday. When soldiers go to war, that identity and faith in their commitment to each other coupled with the lessons passed down by previous generations, helps them meet the challenge of putting their lives on the line for future generations of Americans.
As today’s “Dog Face Soldiers” carry on this tradition of honor and sacrifice, the public is invited to share that tradition with them by sending a message of congratulations and support from home.
Please help pay tribute to the “Dog Face Soldiers of the Rock of the Marne”!
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