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HMAC hammers out details for second annual Veterans Salute Day
The Hinesville Military Affairs Committee began hammering out details for the second annual Veterans Salute Day, scheduled for Nov. 1 at Bryant Commons, during its meeting Thursday. - photo by Stock photo

The Hinesville Military Affairs Committee began hammering out details for the second annual Veterans Salute Day, scheduled for Nov. 1 at Bryant Commons, during its meeting Thursday.
During the publicity sub-committee report, Ron Collins presented a revised copy of a promotional flier for the event that included changes and corrections. Committee Chairman David Anderson asked about the correct spelling of veterans for their signature event. Several members immediately said it could not be the singular possessive “veteran’s,” as the event is intended for all veterans. Another member noted the correct punctuation for the plural possessive “veterans’” was technically correct; however, Veterans Day and Veterans Parkway do not include the apostrophe.
Anderson then asked for a consensus about whether to leave the apostrophe off the plural form of veteran for all literature pertaining to Veterans Salute Day. All members agreed. Christina Anthony volunteered to help redesign that flier and all future fliers.
Next, the committee tackled raffle tickets and door prizes. During its April 28 meeting, the committee decided to have several high-dollar raffle items but no door prizes. Anthony suggested they reconsider the door prizes, saying the anticipation of winning a door prize might help keep people at the event longer. She also suggested having raffle tickets drawn throughout the day, starting with the least expensive items first.
Another suggestion was to have a 50/50 raffle, in which the prize is 50 percent of the money taken in by raffle-ticket sales. The other 50 percent would be retained by HMAC.
“There’s a problem with that in that it’s gambling,” Collins said. “Wouldn’t we have to get a permit or something?”
“I think I can take care of that,” Anderson said. “But we need to decide how much to sell each raffle ticket for and how many tickets we want to have printed.”
Higher and lower dollar amounts were suggested, with one person saying if tickets are priced too high, it would discourage buyers. Another person said if tickets are priced too low, HMAC wouldn’t make a profit.
The group agreed to purchase 2,000 tickets initially and sell them for $5 each. P.J. Schneider said if tickets sell out too quickly, they can have more printed.
At this point, Jeff Ashmen reminded everyone that the event is a fundraiser to help pay for construction of Veterans Memorial Walk, a special tribute to Liberty County’s veterans of all services, past and present. Last year’s event collected $6,000, which was given to HMAC’s Veterans Memorial Walk Committee, a nonprofit organization.
Melinda Schneider gave her report on progress with vendors interested in participating in this year’s event. She said every vendor she’s talked with knows two or three other vendors who would be interested in supporting the veterans’ event.
Karen Bell reported her progress in getting entertainment for the event, which may include the 3rd Infantry Division Band, Armstrong State University’s orchestra and local band 3rd Class Citizens. Schneider said she had talked with a representative from the McDonald’s corporation and procured Ronald McDonald for the event. Bell said she also was coordinating to get bounce houses for children.
With most Veterans Salute Day issues discussed, Anderson announced HMAC’s revised bylaws had been reviewed and approved by members and needed only the approval of Hinesville City Council.
In other business, Ashmen asked everyone to support the Soldier Show at
7 p.m. June 28 at Fort Stewart’s Newman Fitness Center. Schneider told members this year’s Fourth of July celebrations on Fort Stewart will be limited to a Twilight Tattoo and fireworks display.
The next HMAC meeting is at 7 p.m. July 28.

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