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School transfers made easier for military kids
HOPE also extended to more dependents
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COLUMBUS - Gov. Sonny Perdue today visited Fort Benning in Columbus to sign Senate Bill 114, sponsored by Sen. Ed Harbison, to ease the transfer and transition for school-aged children of active duty members of the military and House Bill 484, sponsored by Rep. Larry O'Neal, that deems the dependent children of military personnel stationed in Georgia on active duty as residents for the purposes of receiving the HOPE scholarship.

"Our state has a long and proud and history of supporting our nation's soldiers, and we are truly grateful for the service of our military families," said Governor Perdue. "These pieces of legislation continue Georgia's strong support for those serving in our Armed Forces here in Georgia."

The Governor was joined at the bill signing ceremony by Major General Michael Barbero, Colonel Thomas Macdonald, other members of the military and members of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

"SB 114 makes sure that as military families move into Georgia, their children are not hindered by bureaucratic red tape," said Sen. Harbison.

"HB 484 expands HOPE eligibility to the children of military personnel stationed in Georgia," said Rep. O'Neal. "These families have earned the support of our state."

The Chattahoochee Valley Region will grow by nearly 28,000 new people over the next few years as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act. This robust population growth will bring many new military families to the state, and these bills and other past initiatives will ensure that students seamlessly transfer into Georgia schools.

"Thanks to the tremendous support of Fort Benning, the Columbus legislative delegation, the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Governor Perdue, SB 114 & HB 484 are being signed demonstrating another example of the special "public-private partnership" in the Greater Columbus Region," said Mike Gaymon, President & CEO Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

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