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Morris appointed road department superintendent in Long County
Long County Road Superintendent
Norman Morris has been named superintendent of the Long County Road Department. - photo by Brandi Joseph


Norman Morris is the new superintendent of the Long County Road Department, according to an announcement form the Long County Commission.

Morris has been a Long County employee since 1997 and “has continually moved up through the ranks of the department,” according to the press release announcing his appointment.

 Morris is proficient in operating all equipment used by the county, including its motor grader, excavator, backhoe and bulldozer. 

Morris takes over one of the most important and largest departments in Long County, responsible for all the county’s paved and dirt roads. 

In his position, Morris also is responsible for all county work projects, and works directly with businesses contracted out for major jobs, such as the current Elim Church Road widening and paving project.

Morris said that he will continue to work hard for residents and looks forward to helping Long County continue to move forward as south Georgia’s fastest growing county.

“I’ve always liked helping the people in the county and we always try to please them. With us growing like we are, sometimes that’s hard to do, but we always do our best to get the work done as soon as we can,” Morris said.

Long County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Riddle said that he and the other commissioners are in full support of the road department and know that they have a very difficult job.

“Our road and maintenance crew has a tough job, they are constantly tasked out, and are never caught up,” Riddle said. “Work orders come in every day, and if they’re not working on some major project, there is always another dirt road or ditch that needs to be graded or cleaned out.  But despite these challenges they always do a great job, and never complain.”

Riddle said Morris will do well in his new position.

“Norman is one of our longest-tenured employees and has always done a good job for the county,” Riddle said. “He has my support, and I’m confident he will do a good job in his new role.”

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