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Bass Pro Shop plans kids days
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SAVANNAH — Once upon a time, not so long ago, kids went outside to play. Many a fort and treehouse were built, favorite swimming holes were enjoyed, and stringers of fish meant campfires and fish fries. Kids got bumped, scraped, bruised, stung, bit and sunburned. But, they got exercise and learned about the outdoors—how to fish, pitch a tent, make a campfire, identify which plants (and snakes) are poisonous and count the stars at night. It was the real world.

Today, kids don’t walk to school or anywhere else much for that matter. They and adults are inside spending countless hours in front of hand-held monitors or TV screens playing video games. Studies show that living in the daily urban world with all its distractions, stimuli, and confusion can seriously impair cognitive thinking and mental health in general. Bottom line, kids and adults are not getting enough time outdoors.

During the National Go Outdoors Event, May 16-12, at Bass Pro Shops, 14045 Abercorn St. in Savannah, the company is offering kids and adults all kinds of ways to get off their couches and go enjoy the great outdoors. Events include a life jacket trade-in, outdoor skill demonstrations, interactive activities and a chance to win a sweepstakes package with a retail value of approximately $11,000.

"Bass Pro Shops is committed to helping adults and children across the nation put away their laptops, video games and cell phones this summer and head outdoors," said Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro Shops Manager of Communications.

Events being offered tinclude:

•Trail Treats from Uncle Buck’s® Kitchen

• Learn to make your own catfish and chicken nuggets using Uncle Buck’s products and sample other tasty treats for your next camping or hiking trip.

• Kayak demos

• Camping basics for beginners. Learn to how to select all the right gear for your first trip.

• Kayak and canoe basics. Basic tips on selecting the right kayak or canoe for South Georgia.

• GPS basics for everyday navigation. Learn how to select and use a basic GPS unit for your car or boat.

• Introduction to metal detectors. Learn how to select and use a basic or advanced metal detector.

• Outdoor cooking demos. Cast iron campfire cooking, how to select and use a smoker and deep-frying turkey.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will be on hand to answer questions on the proper fit of life jackets as well as to address water safety questions. Attendees can even bring any old or non-fitting life jackets to Bass Pro Shops on Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17, for recycling and receive an instant discount of $5 to $20 off the purchase of a new Bass Pro Shops or Stearns life jacket or Sospenders inflatable PFD.

While at Bass Pro Shops, register to win the "Experience the Great Outdoors Sweepstakes." The National Grand Prize will be awarded to one winner nationwide and has a retail value of more than $11,000. Each store location will select a first place winner who will receive a gift package with a retail value of $550. See store for more details.







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