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DNR calls for watchable, educational, wildlife projects
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SOCIAL CIRCLE — Wanted: Projects that can use a hand helping Georgians enjoy and better understand nongame wildlife.
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is making its annual call for proposals in a 10-year-old grants program promoting watchable wildlife and wildlife education. Private, public and nonprofit organizations, including schools and local governments, are invited to submit applications, according to the DNR Wildlife Resources Division.
“We provide this opportunity because we recognize the importance of other organizations’ efforts to educate Georgia citizens about nongame plants and animals,” said Lisa Weinstein, assistant chief of Wildlife Resources’ Nongame Conservation Section.
Wildlife Resources started the program in 1999 to help fund organizations interested in developing and improving wildlife conservation, education and recreation. Using money from the sale of nongame wildlife license plates — the bald eagle and hummingbird tags — the program has awarded grants totaling in the thousands, including nearly $66,000 for 15 projects last year.
Education projects can include programs, facilities, exhibits or other activities where the goal is to educate students, teachers or the public about nongame wildlife conservation.
Nongame refers to animals not legally hunted or fished, as well as native plants and natural habitats.
Watchable wildlife projects can include facilities improvements and other activities that increase opportunities to observe wildlife on lands accessible to the public, such as county or local parks. Because of limited funds and the large number of applicants, outdoor classroom projects are not considered.
Proposals are rated by a committee based on the overall benefit to wildlife conservation, education and recreation. Those scoring the highest are selected for funding.
The request for proposals is available from Wildlife Resources headquarters in Social Circle. Call (770) 761-3035 or (770) 918-6787 for details. The request is also available online at Click “Nongame Animals & Plants” and then the “Watchable and Educational Wildlife Contracts - Call for Proposals” link.
Proposals must be received by April 28.
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