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Fish biting despite heat
Tight Line
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Hello friends and fellow fishermen, Ole’ Tight Line here. This past week has been a hot one. Like we say here in the coast, “Hotter than fish grease.”
Despite the heat I still have a few reports from Yellow Bluff and around the coastal area.
Lawrence Beasely landed 15 trout fishing with artificial bait. Brad Scott went out with his friend Freddie Jones and caught 26 trout and 4 flounder.
Lauren and Jason Jones brought in 14 trout and 2 bass.
Shawn ‘Van Dam’ Branson went out with Capt. Jake Horten. The pair landed 13 gator trout, 6 whiting and a flounder.  A new comer to our area, Toni Fontarino, went out solo and landed 6 trout. I talked to Johnny Wade and he said the brown shrimp are starting to show up, so get out there and do some fishing. And if you do always remember, to keep a tight line.
Ole’ Tight Line  
Tight Line Jr. here, and man has it been hot.
I’ve seen a lot of action in the water on the dock tour this past week. Boo Hall and I landed a few croaker and black drum throughout the week. We also caught and released some black sea bass, right here at the Half Moon Marina.
Yellow Bluff has plenty of shrimp and minnows and remember to come out for Liberty Fest July 18-19 at the Sunbury Crab Company and Marina.
So keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.

Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr.
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