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Local man wins mud track titles
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Ferrell Mobley, here with his grandson, Clayton, won two class titles in September at the Golden Isles Mud Track in Lumber City. - photo by Photo provided.
Hinesville resident Ferell Mobley earned high-point champion titles in two divisions at the Golden Isles Mud Track competition in September.
Mobley won titles in the Small Block Class and Consistency Class, and was a runner-up in the Super Street Class.
The 67-year-old Mobley began mud track racing four years ago. He has been the high-point champion at the Lumber City track every year in the Small Block Class, and took second in the Consistency Class from 2005-2007. This is his first year as high-point champion in the Consistency Class.
For those who may be unfamiliar with mud track racing, it is similar to drag racing but is run on a dirt track as opposed to a paved one. It is not to be confused with mud bogging, which involves a pit filled with water.
Mobley not only is a champion driver, but he also built the truck that
he races. Prior to competing in the sport, which he does all over southeast Georgia, he built trucks for a number of other drivers who went on to become champions.
 Mobley's success often surprises those who don't know him well. In fact, his wife and a friend overheard some young guys at a recent race say, "Look at that old man" when Mobley came to the starting line, as if they were doubtful that he could drive the truck, let alone win. A few seconds later, after Mobley won his class, the same guys said, "Did you see how fast he went?"
Not only do Mobley's gray hairs fool onlookers, but his truck, a 1987 Ford Ranger that does not have a fancy paint job or a name painted on the side like most of his competitors, is misleading as well.
Because of his success and the fact that he doesn't brag about his vehicle, some have dubbed it
"The Mystery Truck."
Mobley has been nicknamed "Mr.  Smooth" by the announcer at the Cobbtown track. Some of the drivers that he outruns have jokingly offered to take up a collection to have his truck painted. Mobley takes the ribbing in the same good spirit that it is intended.
"No, thanks!,” he tells them. “The extra weight of the paint might slow it down!"
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