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Shrimp arent here yet
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Hello, folks. Tight Line Jr. here. I’m sorry I missed you last week.
I was out in the field doing some research, but I did catch a toad fish this past week. When I looked down to take him off my hook the tough old fellow had another hook and line coming out his mouth. Just goes to show the old toad is not afraid to bite twice.
In case you are not aware, let me clue you in on something – the shrimp are definitely not here yet.
Hopefully it won’t be much longer. I have noticed plentiful bait fish around the docks and porpoises everywhere and I do have a couple of fishing reports for you folks.
Justin Daniels, Lee Smith, Ryan Simons and John McLeod were fishing offshore last weekend and landed nine dolphin, one weighing 18 pounds.
Two weeks ago, Simons and Daniels netted five tuna, a wahoo and another dolphin. Sounds like it’s time for the boys to fire up the grill and give me a call.
Bob Worley was fishing solo and caught 27 whiting deck side. Now that’s not a bad afternoon of fishing if you ask me.
A lot of folks don’t know this, so let me share a great tip on how to release trout. Trout have very thin skins and in order to avoid harming them before release, they should be handled gently and make sure you have a cool damp cloth to wrap around the fish.
Try not to squeeze the trout and use pliers or a hook remover to take the hook out. Using this method ensures the trout will survive once released.
Yellow bluff marina reports having frozen shrimp, squid, finger mullet and live minnows. Half moon reports having frozen shrimp. Sunbury Crab Company has frozen shrimp and live minnows. Big Rudy at the Sunbury Country Store has frozen shrimp, squid and finger mullet as well.
Make sure you check out the Midway Feed and Supply Center off Highway 17. We welcome the Haymans family for furnishing the folks who live in Midway with a hardware feed and lawn products store.
They also carry a supply of fresh water and saltwater bait and tackle. You can also purchase a fishing license there. Be sure to tell them Tight Line Jr. sent you.
Once again I would like to take this time to say how lucky we are to live in this great country and how proud I am to be an American.
After hearing about all of the events of this past week I salute the wonderful men and women who serve our great nation. Bye, bye bin Laden and God bless America.
Until next week, remember what Ol’ Tight Line used to say. Go out there and get fishing and if you do always keep a tight line. I always say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. Now go wet a hook.

Your friend,
Tight Line Jr.

P.S. Happy Mother`s Day to all the moms out there.

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