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The joy of fishing
Tight Line Column
Young angler Garrett Sikes shows his catch of the day. - photo by Photo provided by Geoff Branch

Hello, everybody. Tight Line Jr. here, and I hope you are doing well.

Well, folks, I had a little bit of trouble on the dock tour. I got lost on Broken Toe Trail. But, on a good note, I do have a few reports from around the coastal area.

Capt. Jim Sheridan and crew landed 14 trout and eight spottail bass. That`s a nice little Sunday fish fry — after church, of course.

Well, Capt. Hippie, yep that’s his real name, and his buddy Shawn took a two-day fishing trip. On their first day out they landed four spottail and six black drum. Then, on day two, they netted two nice trout and seven sweet spottail.

Folks, I also have a picture of young Garrett Sikes (above). Now it’s always a pleasure to see a young angler and the joy on their face when they land a catch. My Father loved to see that, in his later years.

Now don`t forget, Rayburn is still open at Yellow Bluff and he has live bait shrimp and minnows. Sunbury Crab Company, home of cooked-to-order crab cakes, has live shrimp and minnows. Halfmoon has live shrimp and the Sunbury Country Store and Big Rudy have frozen shrimp, squid, finger mullet and ballyhoo.

Remember what Ol’ Tight Line always said: Get out there and go fishing and, if you do, always remember to keep a tight line. I always say hit the dock, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. Until next time, do me a favor — get out there and wet a hook. It’s good for you.


Yours buddy,

Tight Line Jr.

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