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‘Parking for Providers’ shows support to LRMC

Members of the community rallied and showed support April 2 to the personnel at Liberty Regional Medical Center during their fight against the coronavirus.

“Parking for Providers” was an event that allowed folks to drive through the hospital’s parking lot as people honked their horns, displayed homemade posters and cheered on the hospital’s workforce.

Liberty Regional Medical Center CEO Tammy Mims said the event happened just as the afternoon and evening shift were coming and going and everyone was completely thrilled to see all the smiling faces and appreciation.

“We also have some patients who are ambulatory, and they came to the window and some got to see their family members,” Mims said. “People were just driving through, holding signs and thanking all of our caregivers for them putting their lives on the line during this pandemic. Being in health care can be a thankless job at times…long hours and people are sick…this is an outpouring of appreciation from the community…reminds us we are all in this together and we will get through this together.”

Dr. Christina McCain, Medical Staff Chief at LRMC said the hospital is facing the shortages seen across the nation.

“There are national shortages of tests and personal protective equipment…we are doing the best we can in making sure we take care of our patients,” she said.

She said the community has truly stepped up bringing them cloth masks, foods and other needed supplies.

“It warms my heart,” McCain said. “We have a great medical staff here at Liberty Regional. We are family and even though this is a rough time we are coming together…making sure we all stay well.”

Parking for providers attendee Cable Dickerson said the hospital crew deserved the show of support.

“I want them to know they are not forgotten, and we are here for them,” Dickerson said.

Community supports LRMC personnel

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