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Police investigating possible school threat
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Local law enforcement is looking into a possible threat made against an un-named Liberty County School.

The Liberty County School System, the Hinesville Police Department and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office are taking every precautionary measure as they investigate what they call an unsubstantiated threat that was allegedly called into the Liberty County 911 center on Saturday March 20, in the morning hours.

According to LCSO Chief Deputy Max Brown a person, called the 9-1-1 center around 10 a.m. Saturday. They called on an unrecorded line and left a voice message on their non-emergency phone line. The voice message stated that the person was on an online chat room when another chat room person made a threat against a school in Hinesville.  Brown said the Sheriff’s Office will be ensuring the safety of the children when they return to schools within the county.

Hinesville Police Department Assistant Chief, Tracey Howard said the threat was made against one of the nine schools within the city limits.  Howard said investigators along with the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the threat and is working with the Board of Education to ensure the safety of the children and will be taking precautionary measures.

LCSS Communication Coordinator Cathy Lane said all the schools have secure entrances where doors are locked and visitors must ring the office for entrance. She said the district was already limiting visitors due to the COVID pandemic, so they are continuing to adhere to those safety precautions that are already in place. 

“We have had a security systems in place for a few years now as well so our staff are already accustomed to that system,” Lane said. “We have had increased police presence at all of our schools today, just as a precaution.”


The Liberty County School System also issued the following statement.

“The top priority of Liberty County School System is the safety of our staff and students. Over the weekend, an unsubstantiated threat was called in to 911 from out of state. The caller did not name an individual school. Local law enforcement is aware and they are gathering intelligence on the situation. They have assured us that they are taking this very seriously and will provide extra monitoring at all of our schools. In addition, the district is taking every precaution and will implement established security procedures for this threat. Thank you for your continued support of the Liberty County School System. For more information, contact Cathy Lane, Communications Coordinator, at (912)876-5966 or the Customer Service Line at (912) 318-9048.”

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