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Cashed Fraudulent Check

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

May 26
Accidental damage — A woman reported that she was sitting in her van, waiting for a traffic light at the corner of M.L. King Jr. Drive and Highway 84 when one of the side windows shattered. She said she believed a rock had been thrown by a lawnmower that was being worked nearby. She wanted a police report for her insurance claim.

Entering auto — A Canyon Court resident reported that when he went to his car at about 11 a.m., the inside had been ransacked and his wallet was missing. He told the officer he had parked and locked his 2014 Mercedes at about
9 the night before. The officer saw no sign of forced entry and told the victim how to get a copy of the report. The victim said he had canceled his credit card.

Fraud — The co-manager of a body shop reported her bank had cashed a check that her company did not write. She said she does the books and did not remember writing the $1,600 check. After getting a copy of the check, she saw that it had been made out to look like one if the business’ checks, with the correct routing and account number, but that other things, such as the layout and logos, were not right. Upon investigating, she found out the supplier who allegedly received the check had not received it and did not recognize the endorsement. She reported her bank, Ameris Bank, had reimbursed the money, and both she and the bank are monitoring the account. The officer told her how to get a report.

Suspicious acts — A Whits End resident reported she had received a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS, saying the agency was filing a suit against her and asking that she call a given number. The resident hung up and called police.

Theft by taking — A bicycle was reported stolen from outside city hall about 3:30 p.m. The owner reported to police he had gone inside to do business, and when he returned about five minutes later the bike, which he had left unlocked near the Commerce Street entrance, was gone. Officers couldn’t spot any bikes in the area that matched the description.

Assist citizen — A man reported that his soon-to-be ex-wife had told him she had sold weapons that he had left at their home when she kicked him out. He said his lawyer advised him to report the sales to police in case any of the weapons were used in a crime. When the wife was contacted, she said she didn’t know about any weapons, and that he probably took the weapons with him and then accused her of selling them. She said he left her, telling her in the middle of the afternoon while she was at work. “(She) stated he left her for a hockey game.”

Identity theft — Just after 7 p.m., a man reported that earlier in the day, he had received a letter from a department store about an account he had allegedly opened. He checked with a credit-reporting agency and found out that in two weeks four other accounts with various businesses had also been opened. They are believed to be in the Columbus area. The victim said it was possible information needed to open the accounts had been obtained from a dog tag he had lost.

May 27
Affray — Officers were sent to the Waffle House on EG Miles Parkway when 20-30 teenage boys were fighting just after 1 a.m. in the parking lot. When the reporting officer arrived, he saw 15-20 vehicles taking off in different directions. The woman inside who called police reported on one part of the fight, saying she was “surprised” the victim “got up after getting hit like he did.” But the victim ran off with several others. Later, a young man went to Liberty Regional Medical Center’s emergency room, and officers were called when he said he had been injured in a wreck that he had not reported. After giving officers other stories, he admitted he had been in the fight at the restaurant. He claimed he could not remember many details because he had blacked out. Detectives were called in because of how severe his injuries were. There were no reports of arrests, nor any more details about the youth’s injuries.

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