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Child is bitten by dog in his own yard
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 16

March 8
Road rage — A Midway man reported a couple walking through the neighborhood, blocking the road and refusing to get out of the way. When he passed them, they yelled something and he yelled something back. They then got in a vehicle and followed him to his home. They challenged the man to come outside and fight. They told the deputy the man nearly ran over them, claiming he speeds through the neighborhood frequently.

Dog bite — A Midway woman reported that her 6-year-old son was bitten by a neighbor’s dog in his own yard. She said when the neighbor let the dog out to relieve itself, it came into her yard and attacked her son. The officer noted teeth marks on the child. The woman refused EMS treatment, saying she was taking her son to a Savannah hospital. Environment Health and Animal Control were notified.

March 6
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — A Hinesville man reported someone had taken his walk-behind, John Deere mower. Because the mower needed work, he said he was going to keep a look-out for it at small engine repair shops.

March 3
Speeding, Driving while license suspended or revoked — A 24-year-old soldier was arrested for driving 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. When asked for his license and insurance information, he said he didn’t have an insurance card but handed over a South Carolina driver’s license, which was found to have been suspended.

Feb. 25
Marijuana possession, less than 1 oz — A 33-year-old Greenville, South Carolina, man was stopped in Midway after he was seen driving off the road. The man told the deputy he and his wife were looking for a motel so they could rest, but the officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. The man admitted they had a small bag of marijuana in his wife’s purse. She told the deputy she didn’t know if there was marijuana in her purse, but the deputy also found a grinder in her purse. Two more grinders were subsequently found in the vehicle. He was arrested

Feb. 14
Suspicious activity — A Midway resident called LCSO deputies, saying someone apparently tried to break into his home. He said he found footprints around his work truck and garage, and the screen door to his garage was open.
He also noted the side mirror on his truck was folded inward. He believes someone was lurking around his house, but when his motion detector lights came on, he or she ran away, bumping his truck mirror on the way.

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