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Georgia Power warns off Pokmon Go players
Pokemon Go logo

ATLANTA — As thousands of Georgians seek to #CatchEmAll while playing the mobile Pokémon Go game, Georgia Power reminds players to keep safety in mind at all times and in all places, especially where electrical equipment is concerned.

Pokémon Go uses a mobile phone’s global positioning system to detect the location of players and enables them to watch their avatarz interact with the virtual environment on their phone screen. Players search for “Pokéstops” that are virtually “tagged” with “monsters” or Pokémon that appear on screen to be captured.

“Tagged” locations tend to be local landmarks, but some are selected at random and may be near electric wires, power poles, electric substations and power plants.

Three simple safety tips for players caught up in the chase for Pikachu and virtual monsters:

• Stay away from electric wires, power poles, electric substations and power plants.

• Do not enter private property, especially those protected by fences and warning signs. Trespassing on Georgia Power property is not only illegal but also potentially dangerous.

• Watch where you are walking, including roads, bridges and parking lots.

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