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Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 15
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Dec. 20: Simple battery — A Georgia Avenue woman told police her mother had “bumped” her knee with the front of her vehicle before leaving the home after the two had argued. The daughter said she was smoking outside when her mother approached her about burning a hole in the back seat of the car. The daughter said her mother had called her “a deadbeat” single-mother and then sprayed her in the face with air freshener.
The daughter said she tried to defend herself when her mother jumped in the vehicle to leave, but apparently put the car in drive instead of reverse. The woman’s mother returned to the scene while officers were there. Police reported the mother was shaking with a bundle of hair on her lap and scratches on her arms.
The mother said she was vacuuming the vehicle in the driveway when her daughter asked for a ride. She told her daughter she could not give her a ride that day, and said when she turned away she felt a can of air freshener hit her in the back of the head and her hair yanked from behind. The mother said she tried to push her daughter away, finally managing to get in the car and leave.

Simple assault/criminal trespass/obstruction — A Wentworth Way woman told police her ex-boyfriend was in her home removing property, and that she wanted him out. Dispatch warned officers both parties might have firearms. Police told the ex-boyfriend to only remove his personal items from the home.
As officers escorted the ex-boyfriend through the woman’s home, she became increasingly upset, telling officers she wanted them to make her ex-boyfriend leave immediately. Police reported the woman would not listen to basic instructions and even called her military superior to complain the police were not doing their job in removing the ex-boyfriend.
The woman then claimed she would handle the situation herself and retrieved a gun from the bedroom, according to the HPD. She was arrested after police subdued and disarmed her. The ex-boyfriend was allowed to finish retrieving his property from the home. He told police that before they arrived at the home, his ex-girlfriend had thrown a rock at his vehicle and damaged it.

Shot fired — An E.G. Miles Parkway woman told police she heard a shot fired outside her home. When she looked out her window, she saw two men drive off in reverse. A neighbor confirmed she saw the same thing as the woman. Police found a shotgun cartridge in the road. No apparent damage could be found.

Aggravated stalking — A Midway woman told Hinesville police her husband was stalking her. The woman showed police a special-conditions bond on her smart phone prohibiting her husband from making any contact with her.
The woman told officers when she was shopping at Walmart with her 2-year-old child in the cart her husband appeared beside her, took the child from her cart and placed the toddler in his cart. The woman moved to block his cart and had words with her husband. The husband put the child back into his wife’s cart and left. She added her husband had also come to her home and left gifts with her older child.

Dec. 21
Shoplifting — A Kelly Drive woman was allegedly seen placing clothing from a local store into a backpack she was carrying. Store security told police the woman removed the sales tags before placing the items into the backpack.  The woman was stopped by a store manager when she tried to leave by a side door. Officers reported she allegedly took $78.40 in clothing, $11.29 in hair products, and the back pack was valued at $12.88.

Armed robbery — An Oglethorpe Highway pizza delivery store employee was robbed at gunpoint when she got into her vehicle with a night bank-deposit bag after closing. The employee told police a man pointed a silver pistol in her face and she threw the deposit bag on the ground. The employee’s co-worker, who was to escort her to the bank, saw the man flee in a vehicle, and attempted to follow him. The co-worker told police he thought three other men were in the vehicle with the first man. He told officers he thought he had seen two of the men walking around the parking lot earlier in the day.

Dec. 22
Entering automobile — A Deveraux Road man told police someone had apparently entered his parked vehicle and tried to pull down his roof-mounted TV. He told officers his doors were unlocked and his windows were down due to an electrical problem with the vehicle.

Burglary-forced entry-residence — A Poppleton Drive woman told officers when her daughter entered a back bedroom of the home, she noticed the bed frame had been broken, the dresser in front of the window was tipped over and the window latch was broken. The woman said about $2,223 worth of items had been stolen. The woman had apparently been away from home for varying lengths of time over several days when the incident occurred.

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