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Hinesville PD blotter for Sept. 11
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Aug. 25: DUI under 21/possession of alcohol by a minor — Police saw a group of young men hanging out in the parking lot of Gold and Silver Pawn and Guns and went to investigate.
They saw a Honda Civic with severe body damage fitting the description of a vehicle involved in a hit and run earlier that day on Highway 144 on Fort Stewart. While talking to the driver of the vehicle, police noticed he appeared intoxicated and requested he take him a breath test. He blew a .120 and was arrested for DUI and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Aug. 26
Animal bite —A man said his bassett hound was attacked by a pit bull while walking along Fernando Court. He said the dogs just sniffed each other at first but suddenly the pit bull lunged at his dog, biting his dog on the leg. The man said it was not the first time the pit bull was loose without a leash.
Shoplifting —The manager of the Parker’s gas station on Highway 196 reported a female tried to walk out of the store with a can of Mickey’s beer. The manager said that particular brand of beer was sold only in six packs, not individually. The woman returned the product and left the store.

Aug. 27
Burglary — A woman was in the process of moving out of her home when she returned one morning for a final clean out and inspection. The woman said she found a fence gate had been opened since the day before and reported that someone also had opened a window and damaged a dead-bolt on the garage door.
The woman claimed there was $76 worth of damage and she was missing items she had not yet moved, which totaled nearly $500. Among the items she reported stolen were a window A/C unit, a customized shower head and a door handle she said was worth $130.
Driving on suspended license/failure to stop —A man was arrested after he failed to stop alongside a school bus that was letting children out near E. G. Miles Parkway in Hinesville. When officers initiated the traffic stop, they discovered he was driving with a suspended license.
They handcuffed the man and while en route to jail, he tried to answer his cellphone. He stood up, hitting his head on the ceiling of the patrol car.
Simple battery/disorderly conduct — A woman said she was arguing with her Northgate Apartment neighbor when the neighbor threatened to, “Put you out of your misery,” and went inside the apartment. The complainant said she called 911 because she feared her neighbor had a gun. The neighbor had a different version of the story and said the lady hit her over the head with an umbrella because she has one that is similar in style. She said her neighbor accused her of trying to copy her since her umbrella looked the same. Police did not find any evidence of physical abuse on either woman, but they did see one lady holding up a mangled umbrella.
Battery/disorderly conduct — An argument between a mother and daughter led to the arrest of the daughter in front of her mother’s Willow Oak home. The mother said the daughter caused a disturbance and damaged items in her garage.
As the mother spoke to police, the daughter began yelling and screaming at her mother and ran toward her mother when police intervened.
On the way to jail, the daughter claimed someone hit her in the ribs with a bat. She was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center, but the officer said he couldn’t see any physical marks indicating she had been struck.
Shoplifting — A Walmart employee told police he saw a woman take two cans of cream-of-celery soup off the shelves and place them into her cart along with two cans of chunky tuna.
She then walked past the front check-out registers without paying for the merchandise.
Suicidal threats — A woman called Hinesville police to tell them her husband was threatening to harm himself. The wife was out of state visiting relatives and called police immediately after talking to her husband on the phone.
The officer arrived at the home to check on the husband, who told police he was depressed and had sought mental-health services at Winn Army Community Hospital in the past. Police offered the man a courtesy ride to the hospital which he accepted.

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