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Hinesville Police blotter August 1
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Missing person-adult
July 16, 2007
Rogers Rd.

An officer made contact with two complainants at the police department July 26 in reference to a missing person. The complainants stated that on July 16 the missing person left her residence carrying only a brown pocket book. She was wearing a blue and white, checkered shirt and blue jeans. One of the complainants stated the missing person had been suffering from manic depression/bi-polar for the past 10 years, although she had not been officially diagnosed. The woman hides in closets, and has been known to frequent McDonald’s and Clyde's on Highway 84. She does not like to be touched and may become aggressive. She was last seen July 20 at Clyde's.

Theft by taking
July 23, 2007
E. Oglethorpe Hwy.

An officer made contact with a complainant at the police department July 26 in reference to theft by taking and illegal use of credit/debit card. The complainant stated a woman picked his pocket while dancing with him in the Star Lounge. She then told him she had to use the bathroom and he did not see her again that night. The next morning while preparing for work, the complainant realized his wallet and its contents were missing. He remembered the woman pulling and scratching him on his right side while they were dancing and thought she must have taken his wallet at that point. He called his bank to check his accounts and was informed his credit/debit cards had been used several times since his wallet disappeared. The accounts have since been closed. The complainant said he believes he knows the first name of the woman and described her as 5'10, about 145 pounds with blond hair and brown eyes. She drives a blue Chevy Blazer SUV with an Illinois license plates. At the time of the report, the complainant was unable to provide copies of the unauthorized transaction of this credit/debit cards from the bank.

Damage to property
July 25, 2007
Strickland St.

An officer made contact with a complainant who reported her tent was torn. A check of the tent revealed it was torn on three sides. The tear marks appeared to be from an animal, possibly a cat. There appeared to have been no criminal activity committed.

Gas drive-off
July 26, 2007
E.G. Miles Pkwy.

An officer was dispatched to Clyde’s Market on E.G. Miles Parkway July 26 in reference to a gas drive-off. The officer made contact with the clerk upon arrival. She stated a red car with a black male driver pumped $28 worth of gas and left without paying for the gas. She could provide more information about the suspect or his vehicle. She also could not give a direction of travel.

Suspicious act
July 26, 2007
Caines Road

An officer was dispatched to Caines Road to assist a citizen. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a complainant who said he received a letter from the European Lottery Foundation stating he won the sweepstakes in the amount of $294,527.20. It was noted the complainant simply had to return a check for $5,774.32 to cover the taxes along with his personal information. The complainant thought the letter was a scheme and called police. The officer contacted Century Bank in Santa Fe, N.M. and talked with an employee of the bank. It was determined the check was fraudulent. The bank official said it was a common scheme. At the time, there had been no criminal activity committed and the officer retained the letter and check for evidence.
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