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Hinesville Police blotter for May 20
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Burglary/forced entry/storage shed
May 11, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

A woman notified police when she discovered the lock to her storage shed was missing. She reported it appeared all her belongings had been searched. The only thing missing was an antique wooden toilet worth $6,000.

Concealed weapon/open container
May 11, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

An officer saw a passenger take a drink from a bottle that appeared to be alcohol. He stopped the car, found a driver and three passengers and asked everyone if there were any open alcoholic beverages, narcotics or weapons in the vehicle. He was told there were only closed bottles of beer. The officer reported he noticed the front passenger tried to hide what appeared to be an open container behind his leg, against the front door. The officer also reported he noticed what appeared to be the handle of a gun tucked under the front passenger seat. With the assistance of other officers, the vehicle was secured and a gun was recovered from under the seat. The officers then reported finding an open container of beer and arrested the front seat passenger who claimed responsibility for the beer and the gun. During the investigation and arrests it was discovered the female driver was under the influence and had the wrong tag on the vehicle. She was also driving without insurance coverage.

Driving on a suspended license/ driving with a suspended registration/ illegal transfer of license tag
May 11, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

After stopping a vehicle due to an expired tag, police discovered the driver had a suspended Georgia license due to a previous DUI. He also had a suspended North Carolina driver’s license. The police ran the license tag and verified that it did not belong on the vehicle. A check of the VIN revealed the car was registered in North Carolina, the tag was revoked and had an insurance block notice. The driver was arrested but later released to Fort Stewart Military Police because he was deploying the next day.

Suspicious acts
May 12, 2007
Olvey Field

Police observed a vehicle that was parked in the parking lot of Olvey Field after normal school hours. As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed that the vehicle was occupied and found a male and female in the front seat allegedly engaged in sex. The officer allowed the couple to gather and get dressed and later advised them to find a better suited location for that type of activity.

Death investigation
May 12, 2007
Wilson Avenue

Police were dispatched to a resident’s home when the cleaning lady found the homeowner sitting at her kitchen table unresponsive. It was determined the woman had died. The cleaning lady told police she comes the house periodically to help the woman clean her home. The last time she saw her was about three weeks ago. She said she tried to phone the woman on several occasions the past few weeks but no one answered.a

Suspicious activity
May 13, 2007
Regency Place

Complainant told police she returned to her apartment and found someone had left a pile of human feces at her doorstep. She believes it may have something to do with her daughter breaking up with a boyfriend.

--Patty Leon

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