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Hinesville Police blotter for Sept. 17
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• Aug. 27, Reckless conduct, Willowbrook Drive
Police responded to a report of an infant being left by a motorist on the sidewalk. Officers found the father sitting on the curb next to his infant child who was in a car seat. The man told police his girlfriend left their baby, who was strapped into a car seat, on the sidewalk and drove off.
The man said he and his girlfriend had argued earlier and he left the apartment and began walking. The girlfriend followed him in her car, threw a shoe at him and then left her infant and drove off, according to the police report. Officers contacted the mother of the child for her statement and then contacted social services.

• Sept. 1
Suicidal threats, W. Oglethorpe Highway

A Ludowici man’s mother called police to report her son was using Xanax, cocaine and rock-c and was walking down Highway 84 with a gun, threatening to kill himself. Police could not find the man at first, but after another call to the man’s mother he was found in a wooded area moving toward South Main Street, according to the HPD report.
Police commanded him to get down on the ground with his hands out and visible. The man complied and police found a loaded pistol in his front pocket, “but no rounds chambered,” according to the report. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

• Sept. 2
Burglary, Deerwood Drive

Police responded to a burglar alarm at a Deerwood Drive home. A neighbor told police the homeowner was deployed and another neighbor had a key to the house. Police investigated further and found an electric guitar halfway out of a window, according to the HPD report. Officers also checked the back yard but found nothing amiss. Police also found a broken window and an empty gun case.

Aggravated assault – vehicle
West Oglethorpe Highway

A Riceboro man told police his child’s mother tried to run him down with her car. The child’s mother denied the accusation, according to the HPD report. The man told police his child’s mother saw him talking with a woman friend while in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. She followed him in her car as he walked westbound on Highway 84, he said. The man told police his child’s mother drove her car onto the sidewalk and into the grass to run him down as he walked by a church.  
He said he picked up a brick to throw at the car if she attempted to drive toward him again. The man ran through the neighborhood to his child’s mother’s apartment to wait for police, according to the HPD report. The child’s mother told police she and her child’s father were fighting because she did not want him to leave her and then she saw him with another woman. Police reported they did not see evidence of a car having driven on the sidewalk or in the grass, nor did they find a brick near the church. Due to insufficient evidence, an arrest was not made, according to the report.
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