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Hinesville Police blotter July 27
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Aggravated assault
July 15, 2007

Police responded to a fight inside McDonald’s, and found several women fighting. While officers were trying to break up the fight, a man pushed between them and tried to attack one of the women. While the man was being restrained, he tried to hit an officer and the woman. He was then pepper-sprayed and taken outside. It took three officers to restrain the man and in the process, two of the women left. Officers began to interview witnesses and were told one of the women had been stabbed. Also, the McDonald’s manager told officers her employees were suffering from the effects of the pepper spray. They refused treatment by EMS and were told how to decontaminate themselves. As officers were leaving, they were dispatched to Liberty Regional Medical Center to meet with the woman who had been stabbed. She told the officers she was standing by the soda machine when the fight started. She described seeing a woman with a utility knife cutting people and yelling, “Ya’ll break it up.” The next thing she knew, she was cut and bleeding. Police advised all parties involved on warrant procedures.

Counterfeit bill
July 12, 2007
Advance Auto Parts

A store employee reported finding a counterfeit $100 bill in the money he was depositing in a safe. He told officers the bill looked funny and had not been checked with a bill marker. He tested the bill and found it to be counterfeit. Police put the bill in the evidence locker.

Entering auto/identity theft
July 12, 2007
Mary Lou Drive (YMCA)

A complainant told police she locked her purse in her car around 5:45 p.m. and discovered someone broke the driver’s side window and took her purse at about 7:20. Her purse was valued at $200. It contained $200 in cash, along with her credit and bank cards. While police were investigating, the complainant called her card companies and discovered someone made two purchase using two of her cards. The purchases were for $222.57 and $236.28.

Armed robbery
July 12, 2007
Wedgy’s Pizza

An employee was held at gunpoint while making a delivery to a residence in the Hidden Glen Mobile Home Park. According to the report, the deliveryman went to lot 19 and, while knocking on the door, a man walked up behind him with a gun and told him to, “Give it up.” The employee emptied his pockets and handed money over. The suspect then ran toward the rear of the house where the deliveryman lost sight of him. He told officers he jumped into his car and returned to the store to report it to the manager who called 911. The deliveryman described the suspect a black male with 3-4 inch dreadlocks, wearing a white T-shirt, blue jean shorts, white tennis shoes and a red bandanna covering his face. He said the suspect was holding a silver or chrome handgun that was possibly a semi-automatic .38. The detective unit was assigned to the case and a look-out was issued.

—Patty Leon

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