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Hinesville Police Blotters for Dec. 28
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Dec. 21
• Police arrested three men identified in an attempted burglary on Hollywood Drive. Two witnesses observed the men trying to kick in the door of a residence.

• A business on Willowbrook Drive was robbed by a man carrying a silver revolver. The man took a total of $1,106 in cash from the registers as well as the bank deposit envelope and the owner’s wallet. The man also took the owner’s glasses.

Dec. 22
• Residents of Whetstone Court identified jewelry at a local pawn shop as theirs after it was pawned by their daughter-in-law. The jewelry was valued at $2,450.

• A resident of Yale Court reported missing two TVs, a DVD player, computer hard drive and jewelry after a neighbor reported the woman’s residence had been broken into.

• A resident of Grove Point Drive told police her husband took her jewelry, worth $800, without her knowledge or permission.

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