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HPD blotter for April 26
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March 25: Burglary, forced entry — A woman reported that someone broke into her Hinesville residence. The responding officer said the front door had been forced open and dirt had been left on the lower portion of the door from a shoe print. Items were missing from the living room and other parts of the home appeared to have been rummaged through. Further investigation was forwarded to detectives.

March 26
Suspicious activity — A Stewart Drive man said his young child looked out his living room window and began screaming. The man pocketed his gun and went outside where he found three men standing in his front yard looking at the house. The men ran away, but drove past the house 10 minutes later in a silver pickup. The man called 911. The responding officer showed the complainant a book containing photos of people who have committed crimes or suspicious activity, and the complainant identified one suspect. He said a second man in the book looked familiar.

Criminal attempt to commit fraud — An employee at a check-cashing business called authorities after a woman reportedly tried to cash a fraudulent check. The woman said she’d been hired for a secretary job by a man who placed an ad on Craigslist. She said the man who sent the check was her boss. She was supposed to use the money to pay herself and book a hotel room for her boss. The responding officer seized the check, letter and envelope as evidence.

March 28
Theft by taking — Officers were dispatched to Liberty Regional Medical Center after a patient reported his cell phone was taken from his room while he was away for a medical procedure. The phone was valued at $40.

Burglary — A woman in the 900 block of Pineland Ave. reported $4,460 worth of electronic items were taken from her home during the daytime. Officers found missing TVs in the back yard of the home underneath a sheet, but other items remain missing. There was no forced entry observed; however, the home belongs to Hinesville Homeless Prevention. The program said it typically changes the locks to its homes only when a key is not returned, and staff was not sure whether the locks had been changed between tenants.

Suspicious activity — An E.G. Miles Parkway home in the 500 block sustained damage to its front and rear doors and all windows were left open. It appeared squatters had taken over the home, which was placed on the house check list.

March 29
Entering auto — A woman reported that her checkbook was taken from her vehicle in the 900 block of Ringneck Way. The vehicle had reportedly been ransacked.  

Entering auto — A man reported his $375 .40 caliber hand gun and a holster were taken from his parked vehicle in the 1400 block of Fritts Court.

Burglary — A mobile home resident of 947 E.G. Miles Parkway reported $440 worth of electronics was stolen from the home. The front door reportedly was kicked in.

Burglary — A resident in the 100 block of Griffin Street reported $4,050 in electronics were stolen from her home overnight. The items reportedly belonged to the resident’s deployed boyfriend, and an acquaintance had threatened to break into the home. The resident also said items were left at the residence that did not belong there, such as empty beer bottles, dog feces and urine, and a dental casting.

Entering auto —
A woman in the 500 block of Stewart Drive reported her purse was taken from her vehicle. It reportedly contained about $60 worth of items and money.

Terroristic threats — A Chili’s manager reported that a former employee threatened her in the restaurant’s parking lot. Another employee corroborated the story and said the former employee had come to pick up his paycheck but was not supposed to be on the premises. The man reportedly had been fired on March 15 after he brought a dead bird into the restaurant and held it near diners’ plates. The man also reportedly said the bird was his dead mother. Officers attempted to reach the man but were unable.

Theft by taking — A Liberty Woods resident on South Main Street reported that people were siphoning gas from his cars. The man said he was away for several days, during which the vehicles did not move, but that several gallons of gas, valued at $85, were missing.

March 30
Entering auto — A resident in the 1200 block of Langston Lane reported that both of her parked vehicles were ransacked overnight.

Entering auto — A man reported that $15 worth of Nautica spray was taken from his parked vehicle in the 2300 block of Rowe Street.

DUI, open container, headlights required — A Hinesville man was arrested near Oglethorpe Highway and Veterans Parkway around 2:15 p.m. after he reportedly failed a field sobriety test. The driver reportedly appeared dazed and smelled of alcohol. Officers also found a clear substance in a cup in the car, and the driver said he was not sure what it was but that it might be vodka. He was taken into custody and reportedly showed blood-alcohol levels of .160 and .173 and was released on bond, with a cab to take him home.

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