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HPD blotter for Sept. 16
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Indecent exposure, Aug. 21, Intersection of Kelly and Debbie drives
A Paul Caswell Boulevard woman told police that while she was driving, she noticed a man wearing only white bikini underwear dancing in a suggestive manner by a stop sign at Kelly and Debbie drives.
The woman said that when she went to confront the man, he drove away in a white Chevy Cavalier. The woman followed the man in her car onto Ricade Drive, where the man crashed his vehicle into a ditch at the end of the road. Police reported they later contacted the man, who said he danced in his underwear “on a dare.”

Public drunkenness, Aug. 22, Courtland Avenue
Police responded to a call of a woman running down Courtland Drive near Easy Street with a shirtless man chasing her. When police arrived they found the woman sitting on the side of Courtland Drive, crying and yelling. When an officer moved toward the woman, she backed up and yelled, “I’m sorry.”
Police said she appeared to be scared. Police called EMS to help calm the woman and take her home or to the hospital. Officers also interviewed the shirtless man, who told police he and the woman had been drinking at his home before having an argument. The woman became frightened, the man said, and ran out the door and down the street.
He said he chased her because she was intoxicated and he wanted to convince her to go home. While police were talking with the shirtless man, the woman got up and began to run toward West Oglethorpe Highway.
An officer drove past the woman in his patrol car, stopped, got out and attempted to calm her before she ran to the highway. The officer reported she appeared confused and scared and backed away from him. Another officer arrived to assist and the woman began to run around the patrol car. The first officer managed to restrain the woman to keep her from running onto the highway.
Officers put the woman in a patrol car until EMS arrived. The first officer took the woman to a hospital and EMS followed. At the hospital, the woman refused to get out of the patrol car.
In the hospital, the woman became agitated and refused treatment. She began yelling profanities at hospital staff and the police officer. The hospital discharged the woman for refusing treatment and the police officer arrested her for public drunkenness.
When the officer tried to handcuff the woman, she became violent and refused to be handcuffed. The officer and a second officer restrained and handcuffed her. The first officer took the woman to jail. During the drive, the woman pulled one of her hands free from the handcuffs and began hitting the cage of the patrol car and yelling at the officer. When they arrived at the jail, the woman put her hands back in the handcuffs in front of her.

- Denise Etheridge

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