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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 5
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June 9: Criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched to the Flemington Veterinary Hospital after an employee noticed two of the gates to the property were open and unsecured. On Sunday morning, the employee went to the hospital to walk and feed the dogs; when she left, the gates were closed and secured. She returned at 8 p.m. to take care of the dogs and noticed the gates were open. Also, at one gate entrance, there was an opened hot-dog package and several broken-up hot dogs that formed a trail from the inside to the outside of the gate. Nothing else seemed out of place, according to the complainant.

June 10
Theft by taking (felony) — A Midway man reported damage to the sprinkler system in the Villages at Limerick. The sprinkler heads were removed, and he estimated that $300 worth of damage was done by an unknown offender.

Criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched to Blue Jay Drive in Midway after a man noticed his fence was on fire. When the complainant pulled up to his property, his neighbor came out with a water hose to put out the fire. The neighbor explained to the complainant that he was burning debris, it got out of hand, and the fire caught on to the complainant’s fence. The complainant told the deputy that it did not look like the neighbor was burning debris, but instead someone set his fence on fire.

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