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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 19
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June 2: Simple battery — Deputies were dispatched to a Riceboro home after an altercation between two grown brothers. The complainant said his brother bloodied his nose and demanded his brother be taken to jail. The responding deputy said he did not see any blood or evidence of violence.
The complainant claimed he’d already wiped the blood away. The only sign of a dispute the deputy saw was a broken ashtray, which the complainant said he threw at the wall. The complainant’s brother was calm, quiet and cooperative during the call. The two men were warned about the Family Violence Act, and they agreed they could get along peacefully.

June 2
Attempting to elude, reckless driving — A deputy on patrol at Sandy Run and Briar Bay roads initiated a traffic stop with a motorcyclist who was not wearing a helmet.  She initiated the lights as she approached the driver and noticed another male driver on a motorcycle without his helmet. She attempted to make a traffic stop on both drivers, but they kept going and sped up. The patrol speed reached to 117 mph. The drivers were headed toward Highway 17 South before the deputy finally made contact with one of the drivers. He lost control of his motorcycle, and the deputy approached him and placed him under arrest. The driver said he did not stop because he was scared. When asked who the other male driver was, the cyclist said he did not know his name, but they came from the same gathering. The deputy was unable to find the other driver.

June 3
Disorderly conduct — A Midway man reported a disturbance that occurred as he stood outside his mother’s residence. Two women drove past him in a golf cart yelling obscenities and displaying obscene hand gestures. The complainant said both women constantly harass his mother. The deputy attempted to make contact with the two women but was unsuccessful.

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