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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 2
crime scene

Here are some recent reports filed by deputies at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office:

May 10
Matter of record — On Moody Road, a deputy was dispatched in reference to cruelty to animals. The complainant said her horse appeared to have been hit and that its shoulder was swollen. Three months ago, she had another horse that received a similar injury and had to be put to sleep because of it. The complainant is unsure who or what has injured her horses.
Burglary, first degree (felony) — At 1:45 a.m., a deputy was dispatched to Highway 196 in reference to a burglary. The complainant reported to have left his residence at 10:30 the night before and returned at 1:30 a.m. He noticed that an unidentified person gained entry into his residence by forcing open the back door. His 32-inch flat screen television and Dell laptop were missing. The complainant said it appeared that other rooms were ransacked. The deputy noted that the back door was damaged by a prying tool.
May 11
Unattended death — A deputy was dispatched to Jericho Drive in Midway in reference to an attempted suicide. The deputy spoke with the complainant, who called after discovering a neighbor unresponsive in her truck. The woman was pronounced dead at 12:35 p.m. The neighbor said he had been asked to check on the woman by her fiance, and heard the truck running in her garage. He used a pass code to open the garage. Once open, he saw a hose run from the exhaust pipe to the driver-side window. Her fiance said she had been acting strange that morning, and that she had attempted suicide before. It also was suspected she took pills before getting in the truck.
Theft of service, misdemeanor — Around 9 p.m., a deputy was dispatched to Applebee’s for theft of services. The manager said the offender ate  there May 9 and left without paying. The manager was able to contact the offender, who said she would pay the $45.54 bill on May 10, but she never showed up.
May 12
Criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched to Sandy Run Road in Riceboro in reference to a possible burglary in progress. The complainant said that 20 minutes prior to the deputy’s arrival, someone tried to break into his residence, rattling a back door, while he was inside. A neighbor saw the subject run into the woods once he realized someone was home. According to the neighbor, the subject was a man in a white shirt and black pants. The deputy did not see any damage to the door or footprints.
May 13
Battery — At Liberty County High School, a deputy was dispatched in reference to an assault. The complainant was with her daughter. Another juvenile told the complainant’s daughter that they needed to work things out, to which the daughter replied, “There is nothing to work out because I do not want to be friends with a ho’.” The daughter tried to walk back into school, but the other girl punched her, causing swelling, bruising and bleeding to an eye. Her glasses also broke. The victim informed a school administrator, but the offender had left school.
May 15
Simple battery — A deputy was dispatched to the area of Cornfield Avenue and Bluebird Lane in Fleming in reference to a fight. The complainant said he and his brother were walking to a friend’s house when an older man confronted them and made racial comments at them. He then punched the complainant in the face. The complainant did not appear to be injured, and the offender was nowhere to be seen.
May 18
DUI, speeding — A deputy clocked a vehicle doing 74 in a 55-mph zone on Leroy Coffer Highway. As the deputy followed, he noticed the vehicle swerving. The vehicle pulled over at a store, and the driver was asked to get out. The deputy smelled alcohol and asked the driver to do field sobriety tests to which he agreed. He failed them, as well as the preliminary breath test. A weapon was discovered on him, and two others were found in the vehicle. A passenger also had an open container of alcohol.

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