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Liberty County Sheriff's Department reports June 10
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May 23, 2007
Terroristic threats/aggravated assault
Walton Street

A complainant reported her daughter threatened to kill her, her brothers and then herself while wielding a butcher knife she retrieved from the kitchen. The daughter had apparently become angry when told she was playing too rough with her brothers. The complainant and the two boys were able to leave the residence and call 911. Deputies found the daughter in the bedroom, kneeling on the floor while facing the wall and holding the knife in her hands. Officers were able to safely remove the knife from her hands and detain her. She was later taken to Liberty County jail for processing.

May 26, 2007
DUI - refusal
Deal Street and Caines Street

Deputies attempted to stop a vehicle that was weaving in a roadway when the driver suddenly slammed on his brakes and made a sharp turn onto Deal Street. He continued to drive down the roadway and made another turn onto Caines Street before stopping. Deputies report the driver then stuck his hand out a window and threw the vehicle’s keys out. When deputies asked the driver why he did not stop earlier, they could not understand what he was saying because his speech was very slurred. He was placed under arrest and, while en route to jail, began to scream and curse at a deputy. During processing, he repeatedly pulled off the mouthpiece of the breath testing device. He was cited and given a court date.

May 27, 2007
Simple Battery
Butter Blount Road

Two neighbors got into a brief fight when one of the men walked through his neighbor’s yard and relieved himself. Both men were advised on warrant procedures

May 27, 2007
Criminal trespass
Carey Street

A man reported his house and truck were egged and toilet papered by neighborhood children. He believes the children did it because he yelled at them earlier for playing basketball in the street.

May 27, 2007
Obstruction of an officer
Salette Street

During a robbery investigation, deputies saw a man flee into the woods and immediately gave chase. Deputies were able to catch the man and placed him under arrest for fleeing the scene and hindering an investigation.

May 30, 2007
Terroristic threats/disorderly conduct
Cheryl Lane

Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance and were informed a man in the house had threatened to cut his wife with a butcher knife because she was going to leave him. The woman told officers they were arguing earlier and her husband left the house only to return a short time later, demanding she and her children leave. He reportedly got a knife from the kitchen and told her he was going to cut her finger off. It was discovered through a background check the man had a history of domestic charges and aggravated assault. He was arrested and the complainant decided to stay with other family members.

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